1010 w. Dallas St. Canton, Texas 75103
     CVC is home for many bulldog breeders and clients. Dr. Eberhart is as close to a bulldog specialist there is. His knowledge of the breed is endless. It is amazing how much he has studied and experienced first hand many bulldog issues. People travel from Houston, Oklahoma and so on just to be able to relax and know their bullies are in the best hands out there. I have personally watched him diagnose issues that other vets had not a clue what the issue was. I have watched him save entire litters were other vets have not a clue what to do. Not only does Dr. Eberhart amaze people from all over but his staff is the most caring, polite and warming group I have ever met. From the moment you walk in the door they greet you with a kind smile, sincere welcome and make you feel right at home. They are very reasonably priced and only do what is necessary during your visit. Dr. Eberhart is a very fair man and his Christianity shows through his practice. I am honored to be a client at CVC and look forward to many years of sharing love for the breed.