Yes, all of this fits inside the mom. This is both horns full of puppies (10 puppies)
This is a normal size puppy 11 oz
This is a water puppy. Around 18 oz is his size at birth. This is why it is important for an English Bulldog to have a c-section. The mom would have died trying to pass this puppy and would not have been able to. These puppies normally only live about 20 minutes before they drown in their own fluid.
To the left mom is all done and being sutured up. To the right is the 9 puppies going home. All but one in the upper left corner only 5 1/4 oz survived. The average English Bulldog puppy weighs between 10 and 15 oz at birth. I've seen as small as 3 oz survive and as large as a normal 17 oz puppy.