About me: I AM BLESSED! I am 46 years young. I have been a Registered Massage Therapist for more than 13 years which allows me to be a full time mom to our bullies as well. They are very rarely left alone. My babies are very important to me. I have been hooked on Bulldogs since the 1st time I raised a litter of bullies for a friend. My bullies don't know they are dogs. They are treated as kids around our home and loved on daily. They have their own room to play in as well as a large backyard. They play and play all day. I raise all of our puppies in a nursery with their mom. Our puppies are very well socialized with my 3 children, my husband (of more than 23 years) ,myself and of course Grandy. They all get so excited staying at Grandys were they get spoiled even more.
     I live in Rockwall 20 miles east of Dallas where you can come for a visit and interview only. My office is located just outside the city limits in Rockwall County 5 minutes from my home. Once approved you will be asked to meet me at my office for any business transactions. I do not allow just anyone to purchase my puppies. I will ask you several questions before I will consider this. Please understand that I take the purchase of my babies very serious. I will not let them leave before they have had their 1st set of shots at 6 weeks and a 100% check -up from Canton Veterinary Clinic. I prefer they stay until at least 8 weeks but will allow to leave at 6 weeks if the conditions are right. I have raised more than 300 puppies in my bulldog experience. I only breed healthy parents to the best of my knowledge that produce healthy babies. My dogs are always current on all of their shots, kept clean and flea free. If any parent is in question for any reason I do not breed them. I only breed for the betterment of the breed. Some of the puppies I have raised in the past have been for other breeders. I only raise my own puppies now. Occasionally I will help a friend and babysat for a short period or raise a litter for special reasons. I love to help my friends as well as help anyone with their questions or concerns. I want you to have a pleasant bulldog experience. You are welcome to call and ask questions no matter where you purchase your bulldog. If I do not have what you are looking for I may know who does. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If you purchase one of my bulldogs I care to hear from you as much as you will update me. I NEVER get tired of hearing about them or getting pictures. I will love them for the rest of their lives they are my grandbabies...........

Debe Ray / Owner of BULLYBLESSINGS