Nutrition is very important. Most people don't realize that food with corn in it is not good for bulldogs. It is very important that you research this instead of asking your vet. Yes I said it instead of asking your vet. Do your own research. Most vets will try to sell you a product from their office that has corn not knowing that corn is not good for bulldogs unless they have raised or owned bulldogs. You can't expect a veterinarian to know everything about every breed. Most things are taught in general and bulldogs are not normal and yes I said it bulldogs are not normal. There are MANY breeders that know and understand this about bulldogs because of experience. Many of the common foods you think are great foods have the number one ingredient of corn or corn meal. The ingredients are list in order of the percentage. I personally use Costco Brand Kirkland's Signature. It is a very good food and very close to holistic. 40 lbs is right at $25.00. There are several others out there that are great, Blue Buffalo is what I was using before. I love it but the one I use now is nearly the same for half the price. There are others that work great for bulldogs found at Petsmart and Petco but so far nothing at Wal-Mart or Target seems to be without corn.

Pet Tabs are good for your bulldog and I have noticed a big difference in the shedding when I run out and have to wait on my order. I highly recommend Pet Tabs. These can be found at Petsmart or Petco as well.

For treats I like to give baby carrots, green beans (sometimes frozen), peanuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, pieces of banana, apple slice, potato slice (not fried), cucumber, blueberry, sweet peas, white rice, boiled chicken, turkey, broccoli (beware of the gas).
Yogurt is good for them as a treat as well and can be helpful if they have loose bowels or an upset stomach.

Remember when giving dog treats that you can break up one large cookie and give small pieces instead of giving several large cookies throughout the day. They will put on weight quickly.

Be extra cautious when letting your bulldog chew on raw hides. I have had several people tell me their stories of their bulldogs choking to death one day after chewing them for years. I do let mine chew them for only about 10 minutes while I am right there with them then I take them away. It is not worth taking a chance. A lot of bulldog owners will not even allow them in the house and I donít blame them at all.

Be cautious when allowing your bulldog to drink heavy after eating dry dog food. The water causes the food to swell and can cause them to bloat as well as get a twisted gut.
This is an emergency and most donít survive. This is with any breed.

I like feeding two times a day morning and evening. I try 12 hours apart but this doesnít always happen with a busy schedule. Some only feed once a day. You do lessen the chance of a twisted gut by feeding twice a day plus they donít seem to store as much fat.

It is normal for dogs to eat grass, June bugs, rocks, paper, toys, spiders, crickets, and mud. They are basically like infants. They seem to enjoy eating everything they shouldnít. Please try and keep toys too big to eat, rocks small enough they will pass them, and as far as bugs and grass please make sure they are not coated with poison.