Bulldog Tips
Teeth : I have had good luck with the finger brush, I massage their gums gums as I brush their teeth. I talk soft and make them feel as if it is a treat, gently and slowly. The peanut butter toothpaste is my dogs favorite, but it comes in several flavors.
Nose rope : Rope must be kept clean and dry. If irritated you may wash with a wet wash cloth then dry. After drying apply Destin or Butt Paste diaper rash medication. Corn starch also works very well.
Tail : Tail should be kept clean and dry. If inverted it is important that you start this as a young pup so that the dog will be used to it. The easiest way to clean is use a thin wet wipe wrapped around you finger. Insert the finger into the pocket of the tail. You can go in until you feel the base of the tail. Gently swirl your finger around the tail and repeat until the wet wipe is clean. Normally this will do the trick once a week but if irritated corn starch or Destin will work well. If you feel that there is an infection please contact your veterinarian. Most dirty tails will smell dirty but an infected tail will smell fishy or sour.
Ears: Most bulldogs only require their ears to be wiped once a week, I personally clean them with each face wipe daily or at least every other day. You can wrap a wet wipe around a finger and gently insert into the ear canal and only going far enough in the ear that is comfortable for the dog. Try to gently wipe in the curves and creases until clean.
Nails: It is important that you clip your puppies nails very early on. Every two weeks should be sufficient. Get in a well lit area, if they are white and you can see the cuticle make sure to clip right outside the cuticle. If the nail is black you can clip the nail even with the bottom of the toe pad. It is important to have blood stop on hand in case of clipping the nail to short. You can offer a treat after each time you clip the nails as a reward for allowing you to do so.
All information on this page is intended to be helpful tips from past experiences. Please consult your veterinarian for approval.
Allergies: Please verify with your veterinarian. If your dog has whelps and has most likely been bitten by a spider, ant or simply allergic to a weeds, you can give 1 mg of Benadryl per pound 3 times a day. Most tablets or capsules are 25 mg. Children Benadryl liquid is 12.5 mg per tsp. (5 ml/cc equal one tsp). For an emergency like a bee sting or snake bite you can give 2 mg per pound, Please take your bulldog to the vet immediately. This can be a life threatening emergency for your bulldog here to edit the text.
Dry nose : Allot of bulldogs have a dry crusty looking nose, the best thing to do with this is massage Vaseline into the dry area. The next day you will notice the dead skin on the nose should wipe right off. If not reapply the Vaseline and try again the next day. It will depend on how much the dead skin has thickened on the nose. Once you get the nose back smooth again apply Vaseline once a week and the nose will stay smooth and soft.
Overheated : This is a life threatening emergency. If you are not able to rush your bulldog to the emergency you place him in a bathtub, pour cool (NOT COLD) water over him. Squirt lemon juice into his mouth. This cuts the phlegm that thickens and build up in their mouth when they over heat. A dogs normal temperature is as high as 102.5 (rectally) any higher than that you can pour or spray alcohol on the pads of their feet. This will help bring down the temperature. PLEASE seek medical attention as soon as possible.
Loose stool : If your bully has loose stool you can give them 2 tbs of pumpkin to eat or Pepto (will update dosage ). This works if the loose stool is from food, grass, eating June bugs etc.. If your bully has loose stool for several days you need to make sure you are giving heartworm prevention each month. This covers other parasites not just heartworms. If you are not he could have worms and should be wormed immediately as well as taken to the vet in case of dehydration.
Bath time : I give baths every other weekend sometimes every weekend depending on how much they play outside on the playground and in the kiddy pool. I use Fresh -n-Clean. If you brush regularly and give Pet Tabs each day your bully will not shed very much.
Poop Scooping : It is important to poop scoop daily if possible. Not scooping can cause coccidia to grow in your yard and cause loose stool as well as stomach upset.
I have several more things to add very soon as well as short videos on how to do things mentioned on this page.