At Bullyblessings we strive to produce healthy, pet and show quality AKC English Bulldogs. We are in compliance with AKC rules and Regulations and awarded a Certificate of Inspection. We have two locations (Rockwall & Greenville) both of which our bulldogs are treated as family and live in our homes not in a kennel. Our puppies are raised in a nursery with their moms and lots of assistance. They are given the best neonatal care and raised with their future health in mind. We don't cut any corners and raise our bulldog parents and puppies with quality. They are given Heart guard each month, kept flea free and current on their shots. I feed them Costco Kirkland Signature which is a very healthy food for bulldogs. I give Pet Tabs daily along with folic acid to my adults. I keep them in a clean and safe environment. They are loved on every day, most of the time they have run of the house to play indoors or outdoors which ever they choose by way of a doggy door. They are very well socialized with all visitors and other dogs. Basically it is just like doggy daycare with each day focusing on their well being and happiness.

I love my fur kids unconditionally and will only allow those that I feel will do the same to purchase a puppy or adult from Bullyblessings. Please research ENGLISH BULLDOGS before purchasing a bully from Bullyblessings. I need for you to understand that they cannot swim and must never be put in this situation with out a proper life jacket or left un supervised around bodies of water where they could drown. EVER! (NO THE OLD SAYING ALL DOGS CAN SWIM IS NOT TRUE)They cannot be left outside in the heat or weather that is not safe for them. EVER! (Every year I hear countless stories of "my bulldog was only outside for a little while and died from over heating" In the summer they only need to go out to potty and thatís it).They may chew as most puppies do. They love their own toys but may also love your remote or shoes just as much. "Some" bulldogs slobber. "Most" bulldogs pass gas frequently. A lot of them are noisy breathers when excited. Most bulldogs want to eat the lawn mower and vacuum cleaner. Some are hyper some are stubborn. Some are just big couch potatoes. Some would lick a burglar and show him where everything is some will protect their family with their life. Bulldogs are a lot like people all are different in looks and personality. Most are like little children they have needs and should be taken care of sometimes daily. As in their nose rope cleaned, tail cleaned if needed, nails trimmed regularly, fed good food healthy for bulldogs, kept current on all vaccinations and given baths when needed.

You must be willing to sign a contract (you can view contract from home page) and answer all questions I have. You are welcome to ask me any and all questions you feel necessary to make sure you are getting a quality bulldog from a quality breeder. This is the deal. I care more about my dogs and puppies than I do the money so if you are not going to love and care for my puppy or adult the way I do and you do not plan keeping them indoors then please look elsewhere. I do want and appreciate your business but have been shocked many times at the careless things people do and the unbelievable way people treat their animals. I do believe these are Gods precious babies that he has given us to enjoy in life and we should appreciate his gift enough to make sure we do our best.