DOB 10-22-09
Bullyblessings "Petunia" Priss
   Touch of
DOB 03-29-10
Not all dogs shown are located in Rockwall some are in our Greenville location with their Grandy.
Bullyblessings "Calamity" Jane
Better pictures coming soon
DOB 07/12/09
Miss Congeniality
Halo is the sweetest little doll. She is always happy, her tail wiggles even when you smile at her. She is 55 lbs Her mom is Petunia.
Twang is a happy 45 lb girl. She and Petunia are best friends or maybe even accomplice I should say.
Petunia is around 58 lbs. She's thick. She is a sweet girl that never gets tired of playing.
Calamity is about 58 lbs. She looks like a male her head is so big. She has a great personality and loves to hug.