Just in case you haven't done your homework. It is important for you to know some things. Most bulldogs love people. They are funny, clumsy, strong, fearless, stubborn, lovable, smart, faster than you think, nosey, happy. Not all are all of these things but most are. Bulldogs can't reach their tails. If they have poop on their butt they need help getting it off. They can't clean their own face they need help. They can't survive outdoors. Don't get one if you won't listen and keep them inside. They need good food, don't complain about hair loss or food allergies if you feed a food with corn in it and try to say you have an unhealthy bulldog. They are prone to cherry eye. Itís a 50 50 chance he will get one. It doesn't matter if parents have had them or not they can still get one or both. Not a big deal if you go to the right vet. It is very simple and they do not have to be knocked out. It literally takes 5 minutes to correct this and most don't ever even move because they feel no pain when the vet knows what he is doing. You can have them tucked under sedation but then get ready to repeat the surgery and end up having them removed in the long run because most of the time they come right back. They have nearly as much of a chance of getting dry eye from having them removed as they do if they never even have a cherry eye. Entropion is common but not near as common as the cherry eye. It is when the eyelashes turn inward and scratch the eye. This is corrected under sedation and most of the time they do very well. Bulldogs get hot spots. Especially if they play hard with other dogs that play bite their necks or if they get scratched it sometimes pops up. It will go from a pencil size bald oozy spot to a large oozy spot over night. Most of the time it is harmless if you will clean it with a wet washcloth then pack corn starch on it. I suggest outside so when they shake it it doesn't look like snow everywhere. Bulldogs snore just like people and can run you out of the room passing gas. Sometimes when they get a drink of water it looks like shoe strings hanging out of their mouth. Not all in fact mine rarely do it but it does happen. Sometimes a bulldog will come down with Demodex mange also known as red mange. This most commonly happens when they come into season around 6-8 months. Their heat cycle and testosterone surge can cause their immune system to weaken and the demodex mite that is part of a normal skin flora will over populate causing hair loss. I do not breed dogs with demodex but have had some come up. If they come up as one of my dogs they are spayed or neutered immediately in case that theory is correct. So far they have both been before breeding age and have not been bred. There are many theories of how this is transferred from moms to pups when nursing. Well then how do you explain the pups that are bottle fed and never nurse their mom? After much research and many different opinions from different veterinarians I do not believe for one minute this is only hereditary. NO WAY. Yes I believe it can be and no I am not a veterinarian but when you start researching this you too will find that no one knows the correct answer and there are too much conflicting research. You just have to go with your own vet or your own research. It is 90 % of the time easy to fix and not a big deal at all.(also too many different opinions). Some bulldogs have more of an elongated soft pallet than others. I try very hard to make sure I don't breed with one that does. These dogs have a harder time in the heat than those that don't and they can be trimmed if ever a big concern. I hear of it all the time but personally haven't had any that have needed to be trimmed or that I suspect have it. I try to breed with only the bulldogs that breathe what seems to be quiet for a bulldog. If you want a dog to exercise with don't bother unless you're planning on staying home inside to do so. If you have a pool and you are not going to gate it off good luck! 95 % of bulldogs sink and cant swim. I can't even begin to tell you how many stories I have heard of bulldogs drowning. Most bulldogs don't like the vacuum cleaners and want to eat them. I squirt mine with a water bottle right in the face when they try to get my vacuum and it works for me. They don't like the lawn mowers and would like to eat them as well. A lot of bullies like to chase laser lights and have a blast doing so. Kids can have fun for hours with this, well okay adults too. Loose hips seem to be very common. It depends on how many bulldogs your vet treats. Most will tell you it is a normal make-up for a bulldog. Some vets will jump right into hip dysphasia. Based on many vets opinions and diagnosis, exams, check-up this is what I see, If you line up 10 bulldogs 5 will have loose hips 5 will not. The 5 that do 4 will live a normal life with very little trouble 1 may need corrective surgery at some point. It is very important that you choose a vet that is reasonable and doesn't take advantage of you just because you have a bulldog and paid good money for it. Please choose one that will only do something that is necessary and not just because. I seriously have had people tell me their vet wanted to remove the wrinkle from the dogs nose so that it doesn't ever give them trouble in the future. Are you kidding me? Just clean the wrinkle it belongs there. Bottom line is, NO they are not a money pit as stereotyped. Instead they are one of the most awesome dogs and family members you will ever have. They are worth every penny if you go into it doing your homework and love them as a child or family member. There is so much to say but I know you must be tired of reading by now. Have a blessed day and feel free to shoot me an email with your questions. If I don't know the answer I will do my best to get it for you.

Debe Ray